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Dead Oceans

Drag City

    on Settembre 15, 2021

    At the invitation of KPM Music, Six Organs of Admittance wizard Ben Chasny stepped behind his acoustic to produce a pristine new set of guitar instrumentals. Is it library music, or deeply personal essays on a formative instrument? Under Ben's fingers we hear it both ways and beyond: The […]

    on Settembre 13, 2021

    Ty Segall’s new album Harmonizer is a synthtastic production redesign and makes for some of his cleanest songs and starkest ideas to date. Bringing together booming drum machines and corrosive guitars, “the wonder of sound is baked into the album from the title down, be it twin leads or the […]

    on Settembre 7, 2021

    Looking at history the wrong way round through the telescope, objects may appear closer than they actually were! Yeah, life's a Rashomon even in reverse. Sometimes you have to take the long view - or in this case, the Far View, which compiles tracks from Joel Vandroogenbroeck’s legendary […]

    on Agosto 26, 2021

    Regretfully, Matt Sweeney and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy will be rescheduling most of their upcoming Fall tour with Jonathan Richman. With the ever-evolving situation due to COVID-19 and having been through lockdown before, out of an abundance of caution we want to be preemptive for the safety of […]

    on Agosto 24, 2021

    Mess Esque, the newly minted duo of Mick Turner and Helen Franzmann, have been mixing up the medicine for their second single "Jupiter". For a new band it really helps to have a hit single, so this new radio friendly unit shifter remixes one album cut, reshaping it into a smoldering, cascading […]

Kill Rock Stars

  • ONETWOTHREE single and video "Give Paw" + Kleenex/LiLiPUT KRS30 Pink Vinyl
    on Settembre 22, 2021

    ONETWOTHREE is what happens when you combine three women bassist singers from 70s/80s Swiss bands. Klaudia Schifferle (Kleenex/Liliput) + Madlaina Peer (Noknows) + Sara Schaer (TNT, Souldawn). Their album comes out October 15 and the second single + video is out now. Listen and watch "Give Paw" For […]

  • Habibi sign to KRS + covers Kleenex
    on Settembre 16, 2021

    Today, Habibi debut a cover of Swiss punk band Kleenex/LiLiPUT’s song “Nice.” The release inaugurates Habibi’s signing to Kill Rock Stars. Listen anywhere. After being coined by the New Yorker as having “the Colgate white glisten of sixties girl group pop combined with an uncensored […]

  • Bitch covers Melissa Etheridge - "Come to My Window"
    on Settembre 15, 2021

    Bitch states, "I'm proud to be an out musician and celebrate the people who came before me and paved the way. Melissa Etheridge pours her heart out in this song. That feeling of the desperate longing of new love resonated with me from when I first heard it years ago, probably in a lezzie bar […]

  • Devin Hoff - Go Your Way - ft. Sharon Van Etten
    on Settembre 14, 2021

    Devin Hoff featuring Sharon Van Etten - “Go Your Way” >>> Out everywhere + official music video on YouTube <<<Voices From the Empty Moor (Songs of Anne Briggs) is an upcoming album by bassist, composer, and arranger Devin Hoff - a tribute to English folk singer Anne Briggs. […]

  • Whisper Hiss - Firefly - Heavens To Betsy cover
    on Settembre 9, 2021

    Whisper Hiss is a four-piece post-punk band from Portland, Oregon. Their sound has been described as an “infectious mix” bringing together influences like 80s new wave, 60s girl group, bubblegum and garage with lyrics that explore themes of reclaiming personal power, marginalization, radical […]


  • Okay Kaya Announces ‘The Incompatible Okay Kaya’
    on Settembre 13, 2021

    Okay Kaya – the project of Berlin-based Norwegian-American artist Kaya Wilkins – returns with Alma B Androzzo’s “If I Can Help Somebody,” the opening track from her new mixtape, The Incompatible Okay Kaya, out 10/22 on Jagjaguwar. The Incompatible Okay Kaya welcomes the likes of Nick […]

  • Spencer Krug and Okay Kaya Release Covers For Jagjaguwar’s 25th
    on Settembre 1, 2021

    Today, with the double release of Spencer Krug’s rendition of Jad Fair’s “Red Dress,” and Okay Kaya’s stark reimagining of R.E.M.’s “Nightswimming,” Jagjaguwar offers listeners a brand new chance to Join The Ritual. Out September 24th, Join The Ritual is the third of four […]

  • Big Red Machine Release ‘How Long Do You Think It’s Gonna Last?’
    on Agosto 27, 2021

    Today marks the release of How Long Do You Think It’s Gonna Last?, the much anticipated sophomore release from Big Red Machine — the ever-evolving project from Aaron Dessner (The National) and Justin Vernon (Bon Iver). The 15-song album features the contributions of luminaries from the duo’s […]

  • Angel Olsen Releases ‘Aisles’ EP of ‘80s Covers
    on Agosto 20, 2021

    Today, Angel Olsen releases the Aisles EP, comprised of head turning covers of ‘80s classics and the debut release on her new Jagjaguwar imprint somethingscosmic. The EP features ambitious takes on five covers, including today’s “Gloria” (Laura Branigan), plus “Eyes Without A Face” […]

  • Bon Iver Announces ‘Bon Iver, Bon Iver (10th Anniversary Edition)’
    on Agosto 16, 2021

    This June marked the ten year anniversary of the worldwide release of Bon Iver’s highly acclaimed sophomore release Bon Iver, Bon Iver. To commemorate the occasion, the band is set to perform at the newly-opened YouTube Theater in Inglewood, CA for two very special, once-in-a-lifetime […]


  • Song Exploder With Lucy Dacus
    on Settembre 22, 2021

    The latest episode of Song Exploder dives into Lucy Dacus’ “Thumbs”.  Stream it here. stream / purchase ‘Home Video’ Lucy Dacus on Tour Wednesday, September 22 191 Toole, Tucson AZ % Friday, September 24 The Theatre at Ace Hotel, Los Angeles CA % (SOLD OUT) Saturday, September 25 The […]

  • Algiers – “TV Party”
    on Settembre 22, 2021

    ? (directed by Ian Cone) At this very moment, Algiers are halfway through a full U.S. tour – the band’s first since the release of its third full-length, ‘There Is No Year’, in January of 2020. For those seeking to preview the group’s current on-stage energies, we bring you “Algiers: TV […]

  • VIDEO : The Goon Sax – “Temples”
    on Settembre 21, 2021

    “Temples” directed by James Caswell Back in July of this year, Brisbane trio The Goon Sax released their much-admired third album and Matador Records debut, ‘Mirror II’. They return today with a video for the song “Temples,” which features James Harrison on lead vocals. The band will […]

  • Snail Mail – “Valentine” (behind the scenes footage)
    on Settembre 20, 2021

    Footage shot by Malcolm Donaldson Edited by Sabrina Nichols Following last week’s premiere of the title track from the hotly anticipated new Snail Mail album, ‘Valentine’, here’s some behind the scenes stuff from the making of the Josh Coll-directed music video. Stream / download […]

  • Mdou Moctar – “Afrique Victime – The Documentary”
    on Settembre 16, 2021

    Stream / Purchase Afrique Victime The global pandemic trapped Mdou Moctar and his band in their home country of Niger. They could not leave to promote their upcoming album, Afrique Victime. Instead, American bassist Mikey Coltun flew to Niger, carrying cameras and recording equipment. Shortly after […]

Sacred Bones

  • Paragons
    on Settembre 22, 2021

    Vendor: Constant Smiles Type: Release Price: 8.00 - 23.00 (5 variants) PRE-ORDER, OUT 11/12/2021 ***Color Vinyl Edition: Vineyard Grape*** ***Sacred Bones mail-order exclusive version: Edition of 300 copies, pressed on […]

  • Candyman OST
    on Agosto 27, 2021

    Vendor: Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe Type: Distro Price: 45.00 *PRE-ORDER*  Releases 1/28/22 The deluxe 2xLP vinyl release features 180-gram Sacred Bones exclusive white with red and gold splatter color vinyl, old-style tip-on gatefold jackets […]

  • The Path of the Clouds
    on Agosto 25, 2021

    Vendor: Marissa Nadler Type: Release Price: 8.00 - 23.00 (5 variants) PRE-ORDER, OUT 10/29/2021 ***Color Vinyl Edition: Silver*** ***Sacred Bones mail-order exclusive version: Edition of 500 copies, pressed on coke bottle clear […]

  • Sacred Bones Record Society Membership (No. 13)
    on Agosto 17, 2021

    Vendor: Sacred Bones Records Type: Release Price: 175.00 The enrollment period for the thirteenth installment of the Sacred Bones Record Society, our fan club/subscription service, is open now. Here’s how it works: For $175 plus shipping, […]

  • Halloween Kills OST
    on Agosto 17, 2021

    Vendor: John Carpenter Type: Release Price: 8.00 - 26.00 (6 variants) PRE-ORDER, OUT 10/15/2021 ***Color Vinyl Edition: Orange*** ***Sacred Bones mail-order exclusive art edition version: Edition of 2000 copies, pressed on cloudy […]

Secretly Canadian

Sub Pop

Temporary Residence

  • Big Bend (An Original Soundtrack for Public Television)
    on Agosto 25, 2021

    Vendor: Explosions In The Sky Type: Albums Price: 12.00 - 30.00 (3 variants) THIS IS A PRE-ORDER! ALL ITEMS WILL SHIP ON OR AROUND OCTOBER 1, 2021! In 2019, Explosions In The Sky was approached to craft the score to a new documentary […]

  • Echoes – Anniversary Edition
    on Agosto 3, 2021

    Vendor: Directions Type: Albums Price: 15.00 - 18.00 (2 variants) In a musical history that spans nearly four decades, Ken Brown (aka Bundy K. Brown) was a member of noise-rock trio Bastro (along with David Grubbs and John McEntire) […]

  • Pilgrimage of the Soul
    on Luglio 20, 2021

    Vendor: MONO Type: Albums Price: 12.00 - 25.00 (3 variants) Pilgrimage of the Soul is the 11th studio album in the 22-year career of Japanese experimental rock legends, MONO. Recorded and mixed – cautiously, anxiously, yet […]

  • Maples, Ash, and Oaks: Cedars Instrumentals
    on Giugno 28, 2021

    Vendor: Field Works Type: Albums Price: 12.00 - 20.00 (2 variants) Maples, Ash, and Oaks: Cedars Instrumentals is a mesmerizing soundtrack for a long walk in the woods, made up of pedal steel, oud, guitar, hurdy-gurdy, and piano. Based […]

  • Timeslips & Chimeras
    on Maggio 31, 2021



  • “Che cos’è una canzone” – il nuovo podcast de Il Saggiatore in collaborazione con Woodworm
    on Settembre 20, 2021 at 9:46 am

    Che cos’è una canzone? È una domanda complessa, forse troppo vasta per trovare una risposta. È come domandarsi che cos’è la vita, che cos’è l’amore, l’universo. Dunque, è una domanda necessaria. Alcuni tra i principali cantautori e band che stanno segnando il nostro tempo hanno provato a rispondere a questa domanda, raccontando le loro esperienze e le L'articolo “Che cos’è una canzone” – il nuovo podcast de Il Saggiatore in collaborazione con Woodworm sembra essere il primo su Woodworm.

  • “È già domani” è il nuovo album dei Fast Animals And Slow Kids. Annunciati gli instore e il tour previsto per il 2022
    on Settembre 20, 2021 at 9:29 am

    È finalmente disponibile da venerdì 17 settembre “È GIÀ DOMANI”, il nuovo album dei FAST ANIMALS AND SLOW KIDS (pubblicato da Woodworm in licenza esclusiva per Believe). Oltre a “Come un animale”, “Cosa ci direbbe” featuring Willie Peyote e “Senza Deluderti”, brani che in questi mesi hanno dato ai fan della band un’idea, non esaustiva, di quello che sarebbe arrivato, “È GIÀ DOMANI” contiene anche il L'articolo “È già domani” è il nuovo album dei Fast Animals And Slow Kids. Annunciati gli instore e il tour previsto per il 2022 sembra essere il primo su Woodworm.

  • “Il Calabrone”, è il nuovo singolo di Lorenzo Kruger
    on Luglio 30, 2021 at 9:30 am

    Si dice che il calabrone per struttura fisica non potrebbe volare, ma non sapendolo voli ugualmente. Allo stesso modo capita di dire banalità o snocciolare luoghi comuni pensando di dire cose nuove e interessanti. Prodotto da Taketo Gohara, “Il Calabrone” è il nuovo singolo di Lorenzo Kruger ed esce oggi per Woodworm su tutte le L'articolo “Il Calabrone”, è il nuovo singolo di Lorenzo Kruger sembra essere il primo su Woodworm.

  • Lorenzo Kruger: il 10 settembre esce il nuovo album “Singolarità”
    on Luglio 28, 2021 at 9:31 am

    Si chiama “Singolarità” il nuovo album di Lorenzo Kruger e uscirà il prossimo 10 settembre per Woodworm distribuito da Universal Music Italia.     Già disponibile in presave e preorder     Un ritorno importante quello del cantautore romagnolo che inizia ufficialmente il suo percorso da solista con un album elegante e moderno. “Singolarità” è un termine L'articolo Lorenzo Kruger: il 10 settembre esce il nuovo album “Singolarità” sembra essere il primo su Woodworm.

  • LRDL: il nuovo singolo è “Vita”
    on Luglio 9, 2021 at 1:30 pm

    VITA – la nuova canzone de LRDL in radio e su tutte le piattaforme digitali da venerdì 9 luglio che si inserisce nel percorso di My Mamma, album in cui curiosità, meraviglia, libertà risuonano sempre. Il brano ruota sul ritornello “sei felice o sei complice”, citazione diretta di una poesia del poeta palermitano Nino Gennaro. Cos’è la felicità? È vita, un sentimento assoluto, L'articolo LRDL: il nuovo singolo è “Vita” sembra essere il primo su Woodworm.


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